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This is a very new page, the newest on the site. It will provide in audio form information and comment  provided on other pages in text form, and other information and comment, very wide ranging, some of it 'cross-border' material on North Derbyshire.

In this column: material on my complaint against South Yorkshire Police and my complaint against Alan Billings, the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner. So far, the complaints have been furthered using email as the method of communication. For a variety of reasons, I've now asked for communication to be by phone. I won't record, let alone publish, anything anyone says to me over the phone.

Audio files: the complaints



South Yorkshire Police and the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner:
A wide-ranging file also including other issues.


South Yorkshire Police: damaging actions
South Yorkshire Police: praise
The Police and Crime Commissioner: criticism

Dr Blank of the Church Army Research Unit, banner and blocker

A Police Information Notice ('Harassment Warning')

A Community Protection Notice - Written Warning

A bizarre allegation

An email, an extract from an email, a letter

   South Yorkshire Sound



Audio files: South Yorkshire, general. North Derbyshire, general


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